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Reddit’s Catch 22

Reddit Submit Warning
Written by Randolph Campbell

I recently and foolishly posted a funny video to Reddit. The post was deleted by a moderator or a Daemon or a bot…again.

Reddit’s moderators and bot moderators always delete my video posts. The bot tells me that I may be posting spam or some similar message because I am too new or don’t have enough karma points or maybe because they don’t like the way I smell.

Note for new users: Submissions from brand new users, and users with low karma, are automatically removed by our bot to help prevent spam. It is advised that users wait a while and contribute to the reddit community through comments, voting, and posting to other subreddits to get a feel for the site before posting here.”

To me it seems like a Catch 22. I am required to have made x number of posts to be able to post, but I can’t post, so I’ll never have any posts because I don’t have enough posts yet. Argh!

So why don’t I just participate to gain Karma and “Reddit Experience?”

Here’s the thing – I do. I usually participate while not signed in and read my favorite subreddits. When I have the urge to answer I login with one of my Reddit logins and comment. But when I want to post a video I don’t necessarily want to post it using a Reddit identity that I’ve used to comment on certain things. I still like to pretend that I have some net anonymity even though I know the net isn’t a secret place like it once was, and there is no such thing as net anonymity, but I still like to kid myself. So I participate, but because I haven’t played by their rules I don’t get credit for it. I know, I know, that’s how it works. But I would like to have my cake and eat it too. 🙂

Paying Someone to Post My Video to Reddit?

I use Fiverr from time to time. So I checked it out to see what services people offer for Reddit. It’s very tempting to try out “I Will Do Viral Youtube Video Promotion With Reddit – I will Publish Your Video on TEN Different Relevant Subreddits and use High Karma Aged Account” Cost: $55. But that seems like cheating.

So is this what Reddit is? Is it a place where people who spend countless hours posting and commenting can earn money? Or a place where you can pay someone else who spends countless hours posting to post your post so you can earn money?  It’s a mind-melt for sure. I’m not sure that is the purpose of Reddit and I’m pretty sure this is counter to spirit of Reddit, and yet that is how it shakes out. 

What’s Next?

So today when I posted a video to Reddit and was denied entry once again, I closed the tab and went to another website. I predict that the closed society nature of Reddit will eventually be its undoing. Or just as likely it will go on with a bunch of people following inane rules and patting themselves on the back for being part of something exclusive. But anything that is “exclusive” by virtue of imposing lots of rules and only letting the best rule-followers participate becomes a haven for rule followers, punishers and nanny nanny goats, while the real creatives lurk in the shadows wondering how to be seen without surrendering their souls.


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